Why Mustard Is Vital To Your Company Profitability

Did you know that it's said Jeremiah Colman, who founded a mustard empire in Norfolk more than 200 years ago, always claimed that his profit was achieved because what his customers threw away; that little smear of fiery yellowness left at the edge of the plate after the meal was finished? And did you know that, as a general rule, elections are decided by [...]

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Tough But Tender – How You Can Be A Boss Chick With Compassion

As a boss lady, you must remember that people are always watching to see your weakness that come with nature. But as a leader, you must also remember that people only get [...]

3 Ways Egalitarian Leadership Creates Trust

I went to the internet today, before starting this article, to find statistics to support an idea I wanted to present. In the search bar I put "trust statistics in [...]